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Battery Charging using Bridgeless Boost Converter in Power Inverters. (ePower Inverter Design)
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Introduction Bridgeless Boost Converter is used to convert the AC (Alternating Current) voltage to DC (Direct Current) voltage without using bridges. In normal boost converter only the variable DC voltage is converted to required DC voltage, but here AC is directly converted to DC. Battery Charging. There are three stages of charging a battery. Bulk Charging…

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Wireless Enabled RFID Door Lock System
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Introduction This project is to design and implement a Wi-Fi enabled RFID door lock system using esp8266 Wi-fi module. Homes, office and other establishments such as banks, hotels door locks can be switch from our generic manual door lock or the generic RFID door lock to a more modern secure digital door locking system using…

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Introduction Automatic Temperature control system is an intelligent system that response to temperature changes in the immediate environment. This is applied to industrial use and domestic use as well. The project describe the use of IOT integration to enhance the functionality of a temperature control system as it’s apply to Fan to automatically change speed…

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150 150 Adele Robert

 First lets talk about component used :12v Dc Relay :Resistor 4k7 :NPN TransistorsLc945p :Nano :Led :Jumpers & Bread Board                                                     TRANSISTOR Most of the time people get confuse on how to use a transistors to switch a device on belive in me that with this article you will get your self familiar with transistor .…

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Using LCD
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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen is an electronic display module and find a wide range of applications. These modules are preferred over seven segments and other multi segment LEDs. When you start working with LCD modules you will start feeling the real power of MCU and your imaginations will be touching sky. The alphanumeric LCD…

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The Eagle V16
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The Eagle V16 The Eagle is part of our open source drone  project.  

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AFROUNO LIBRARY Afrouno is a collection of C/C++ library. It consist of three files. 1. afrouno.h: 2. hal.h:  Hardware library  3. sal: Software libray   supported devices: Atmega8 Atmega16 Atmega32 Atmega48

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Blinking an LED on arduino
820 604 Richard osamudiamen

This circuit uses the built-in LED that most Arduino have. This LED is connected to a digital pin and its number may vary from board type to board type. To blink an LED, you need to build this circuit, where you connect one end of the resistor to the digital pin correspondent to the constant…

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784 457 Smart Raysam

 DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF 3.3V , 5V, 12V AND VARIABLE REGULATOR POWER SUPPLY UNIT Most of our components in embedded system mostly deals with 12V, 3.3V, or 5V  and a current of an approximate value of 2amps. In most cases one might design a circuit in which components used would be having a required voltage…

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Design and Implementation of 500VA SPWM inverter transformer
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Introduction Inverter system is one of today alternative to power supply. During the recent years, a lot of research as been carried out to improvement the efficiency performance of inverter system, hence different types of inverter as been designed and improved on such include square wave inverter, modified square wave, sine wave, modified sine wave…

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