Wireless Enabled RFID Door Lock System

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This project is to design and implement a Wi-Fi enabled RFID door lock system using esp8266 Wi-fi module. Homes, office and other establishments such as banks, hotels door locks can be switch from our generic manual door lock or the generic RFID door lock to a more modern secure digital door locking system using the RFID and Wireless technology, thereby allowing doors to be open and close using a RFID cards and also wireless controlled, card assigning and access logging over a local network of wide network through a web application build of HTML pages.

System Functionalities

  1. Wirelessly enable and disable key card
  2. Access data logs
  3. Add and remove key card to database
  4.  System battery intelligent charging.
  5. Door control via mobile phone.

Require components for design

  1. ESP8266 V1 Wi-Fi Module
  2. RFID Card Reader
  3. RFID Tag Cards
  5. 2 Pairs of 1.5V AAA Duracell rechargeable cells
  6. Buzzer
  7. Transistors


System Block Diagram


Web Application interface at different operation




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